Quantum Tech Made Simple…

By Frey Wilson, PhD
… Explaining the basics of quantum technologies and debunking some of the common misconceptions.

“So, what does quantum mean?”

The literal meaning of the word quantum is simply ‘the smallest possible finite amount of stuff’… and the unexpected effects produced on this scale. We call the usual, everyday effects, ‘classical’. … Continue readingQuantum Tech Made Simple…

The Privatization of Time

By David Mitlyng, MBA
Imagine you wake up one morning and your location apps are offline.

Traffic is halted and planes are grounded worldwide.

By evening, you lose cell service. A few hours later, your internet, which has been slow all day, blanks out.

You wake up the next day and the power is out. Drive over to the next town, same thing. ATMs and credit cards don’t work, gas stations and grocery stores are closed.

The culprit …… GPS is down.
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